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This homepage is dedicated to MZ riders who likes touring and travelling around the whole country from January to December. You’ll find here a lot of downloads and pictures about us and MZ bikes as well. If you are looking for the hungarian MZ Racing Club you can find them here > > >

We speak English so if you have any comment or question please use the topic in our forum called International discussion or feel free to contact us by email: mzclubhungary [at] mzclubhungary [dot] com.

Story of our club

Our club founded in 2004. It came alive when on different sites and forums a few MZ owner realized that MZ Club is needed to collect MZ fans here in Hungary. And this pushed us to create our first hompage, MZKlub.hu .

In 2004 the club started to grow and in that time we had approximately 200 registered members. Most of them were not active (unfortunately) but we had ~2030 MZ rider who were always participating our tours. The registration fee in 2006 was 8 EUR for the year, contained discount prices at many bike companys like MZ parts, clothing etc. Our members are mostly youngers but every age-group presented. That’s true for our bikes too: we have many MZ ETZ 125-250 and TS 125250 but just a few ETZ 251, ES, Trophy and ETS.

We improved our homepage from month to month and which you’re looking at now is the last version. In the middle of 2007 we moved to www.mzclubhungary.com and the old site is not available anymore.

A few words about the tours: it’s hard to suit everyone’s wishes so we’re visiting the most popular places in Hungary, like the mountains to the north or Bakony (it’s hard to call them mountains the highest is 1014m). We had last years in average 6-8 official tours from March until September. Sometimes we are doing small rounds for only one day this is what we call unofficial tours. We have regularly organized tours like „Pilis tour” next to Budapest etc. or the visiting the hot baths in Cegléd in the middle of December. On the tours most of us using 250cc MZs; 125 and 150 are rare. We try to set our speed at 90 khm and this is not so easy for the smaller MZs to follow the bigger ones.

About the MZ Racing Club: you can only ride MZ ETZ 250, 251 or TS 250 in SERIAL conditions. No tuning is allowed. If we let them to tune up their MZs (like the british club did) always people will win who has more money than the others. It’s a championship for EVERYONE, for beginners and rookies also. Some modification is allowed for example the millitary exhaust, simpler electricity etc. But no engine tuning. They were part of our club until the end of 2006 but now they’re moved to a separate homepage and organisation. You can find them here: www.mzracing.hu

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